Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Strong global cues returned GOLD and SILVER Boom, Commodity Best Tips Today : 16 Nov

Today in the Global Bullion Market, The prices of MCX Gold and MCX Silver is trading high. MCX GOLD was around Rs 225 per ten grams to nearly a week, the highest level reached 26,150 per ten gram.  
While silver has also gained Rs 300 per kg . Silver rose by Rs 300 to Rs 34,600 per kg rose.

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The bullish trend in global markets :

Domestic market as well as international markets is also bullish trend in gold. Gold in Singapore was 0.8 percent. Since 08 per cent in Singapore gold reached 1092.5 per ounce. However, silver rose 0.76 percent to $ 14.32 an ounce reached. Gold in the US is 1.01 percent. Jumped 1.01 percent in the US dollar price of gold per ounce has 1091.8.

Why GOLD and SILVER is Trading HIGH :

According to experts, the impact of terrorist attacks in Paris has had on commodity markets. After a decline in equity markets deepened investors secure investments in the gold.

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