Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rabi crops acreage increase, 242 million hectares sowing | MCX NCDEX Tips

Rabi crops in the country overall has been sown in 242.16 lakh hectare. Wheat sown in 78.83 lakh hectares so far this year has been. The pulses have been sown in 74.06 lakh hectare. These figures are until November 20.

Coarse cereals have been sown in 38.48 lakh hectare. In the case of oilseeds so far has been 50.56 lakh hectares sown oilseeds.


Transplanting of rice is 0.24 lakh hectare while. Sowing of rabi crops has increased compared to last year.

107.35 lakh hectare last year, wheat was sown, while this year by 20 November 78.83 lakh hectares has been sown.

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