Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Crude Oil Sharp Fall Today, Pressure on MCX Gold | Commodity Best Tips

Sharp fall in crude prices, continued pressure on MCX Gold . Crude in the international market and is seeing constant pressure on gold prices. The domestic market is on the move.

Msiaks beginning of the gold and silver has been sluggish. Meanwhile, crude and natural gas prices are also seeing a slight rise. Commodity experts say that China’s poor economic data Crude prices fall.

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Along with continuing uncertainty about the impact of rising US interest rates on gold and silver is being witnessed.

China’s poor economic data, crude oil pressure is being witnessed. Nymex crude oil at 45 dollars and Brent crude slipped below $ 48. However, the domestic market at MCX fell 0.07 per cent to Rs 2966 per barrel is on.
Commodity experts suggest that China’s poor economic data fall in crude prices.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

NCDEX Turmeric Tips Today : 28 September | Commodity best tips

NCDEX Turmeric futures witnessed huge volatility during the week. The Week started with the positive note on Monday, later on it fell drastically.

NCDEX Turmeric oct contract was closed at 7410.

Experts advice on NCDEX Turmeric today is a BUY Call at 7350-7340 TP 7650 SL 7270 

NCDEX Turmeric Tips Today

Where as in NCDEX Jeera During the last week, jeera futures witnessed volatility while spot market remained down.

Futures as well as spot markets remained closed on Friday, due to Bakrid celebrations.

Stock positions at the NCDEX accredited warehouses are 6008 tons as on 25 September 2015.

Trading range for NCDEX Jeera is 15800-16200 

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Commodity Market Updates, MCX Bullion Tips Today

MCX Gold Prices remain bullion. The precious metal will be seen at Bullion note in the near future also.

MCX Gold prices made good upward movement on wednesday and is trading at 26484. Prices have Good Support at 26360 and 26150 levels and resistance at 26600.

MCX Crudeoil is trading at 2980 in the October Contract with 8.00points or (0.27%) gain.

MCX Silver prices is tarding at positive zone with 95.00 points or (0.27%) up at 35545.00.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Live MCX Calls today : 22 September | Best Tips Commodity | NCDEX Calls

Today on wednesday, The prices of the MCX Crudeoil is being noted little high. MCX Crudeoil is trading at 3100/3110

Crude Oil opened with a positive note and trading around 3075 on MCX October contract. Crude Oil inventory data is scheduled to release today and storage is likely to decline as per the estimate.

Prices have good support at 3050 and 2980 levels and resistance at 3100. It is expected to trade higher in today's session.

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MCX Gold Prices have good support at 26150 and resistance at 26400 level. Traders are advised to use buy at lower level strategy.

Where as in the Agri Commodity moderate correction were noted today. Spices too fail to recover strongly as profit booking at the higher levels brought some dips to the prices that had risen a lot earlier.

Guar too traded slight weak as high volatility was noted in this sector. NCDEX Chana is trading at in the range 4320-4624.  

NCDEX Turmeric is seen at 7406-8070. NCDEX Jeera trading range for the day is 15580-16630.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

MCX Bullion Market Update : 22 September | Free MCX Commodity Tips

Today on Tuesday the MCX CrudeOil is expected to move higher in today's session. Prices have good support at 3035 and 2980 levels, while resistance at 3100.

Crude Oil prices edged lower this morning and trading at 3062 on MCX October contract, down by 0.58 percent against previous day closing.

MCX Bullion Tips

MCX Bullions are trading with Red Sign. MCX GOLD is trading at 26309.00 with 36.00% down, MCX Silver is trading at 36063.00 with 109.0%.

Commodities to SELL and BUY today : 

SELL MCX GOLD at 26500, SL – 26700 , TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 26350/ 26200 

SELL MCX SILVER at 36600, SL- 36950, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 36280/ 35800 

BUY MCX CRUDEOIL at 3020, SL – 2970, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 3065/ 3120

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Best Tips Commodity Today : 21 September | NCDEX Trading Calls

Today Morning, On Monday a Slight Rise in the Crude Prices are seen. MCX Crude Oil is trading at 3000.

Spices exports during April-June increased by 1% , a sharp decline in NCDEX Jeera :

Spices from India during April to June, total exports showed modest growth. According to sources, has informed the export of spices increased from 1 percent to 2.15 lakh tonnes. Although the prices of total exports accounted for 30 percent. This year, the total export of spices is worth 3977 crore. The total value of exports last year, the spices 3060 crore.

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Export of NCDEX Jeera since April-June 45% of decline has been observed. The drop in the export of spices from India is the second largest commodity. Most exports are of chili. During the first quarter, exports of pepper from 4 percent to 81,000 tonnes.

BUY NCDEX Chana at 4480, S L – 4420, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 4540/ 4620

SELL NCDEX Coriander at 11000 , SL – 11180, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 10780/ 10650

Saturday, September 19, 2015

18 September : Commodity Tips Best Today | Free NCDEX Calls

Today, On Friday MCX Gold and Silver prices are seen to be at positive zone.MCX gold with 0.80 percent at Rs 26,378 per 10 grams traded. The same silver prices rose 0.33 percent to trade at Rs 36,050 per kg.

The MCX CrudeOil slipped 0.32 percent to Rs 3087 per barrel. Natural gas prices fell by 0.34 percent. In base metals aluminum, copper and lead are trading in red. While nickel and zinc are seeing faster.


Castor seed NCDEX declined by 0.25 percent to Rs 4,100 per quintal is trading around. The price of gram giant leap of 2.80 percent to Rs 4,500 per quintal , with cross moved.

NCDEX Coriander , cumin and NCDEX Turmeric prices by 0.90 percent to 1.85 percent is seen. Although mustard down 0.59 percent and 0.39 percent of refined oil are traded.

Best Commodities to Buy/Sell Today : 

BUY MCX GOLD at 26050, SL-25850, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 26250/ 26400 

SELL NCDEX Turmeric at 7700, S L – 7816, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 7465/ 0

Thursday, September 17, 2015

16 Sep : Best Tips Commodity | Free MCX NCDEX Calls | CrudeOil Prices

Today on Wednesday, MCX Crude Oil opened with a Positive Note and Trading at 2940 on MCX September Contract.

Prices have good support level at 2880 and resistance level at 2960, Told at Commodity MCX NCDEX Calls.

Oil futures settled at their lowest level in more than two weeks on Monday as data showing weaker-than-expected industrial production in China.

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Prices have good support at 2880 and resistance at 2960.

MCX NCDEX Tips Today : 

SELL MCX Gold at 26150, S L – 26280, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 26020/ 25850 

BUY MCX CrudeOil at 2965,S L - 2920, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 2995/ 3020

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

15 Sep : Commodity NCDEX Tips Today | MCX NCDEX Calls

Chana trading range for the day is 4268-4586. NCDEX Chana Prices with 1.25 per cent at Rs 4366 per quintal trades.

Commodity Exchange due to the tightening of the upper level has slipped to 15 per gram prices. 

NCDEX Guar has started the new arrivals in markets . This guar gum and guar seed 1.76 percent weak to trade at 1.82.

Commodity NCDEX Tips

Commodity NCDEX Tips :

SELL NCDEX Chana at 4400, S L – 4460, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 4320/ 4260

BUY NCDEX Turmeric at 8120, S L – 980, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 -8260/ 8450

MCX GOLD SILVER Down Today: 15 September | MCX Bullion Tips | Commodity Best Tips

Today on Tuesday, MCX GOLD and MCX SILVER is trading with sluggish note. Where as in the Global Market MCX GOLD remains at 1-month low rates. MCX gold-silver tips today flat and are trading at Rs 26047. While crude prices have recovered strongly. The base metals are also at gained.

MCX CRUDE OIL rose by 0.68 percent and trading at Rs 2943. Natural Gas is trading at Rs. 185 with 0.33 percent higher. Where as in the Base Metal, MCX ALUMINIUM is at Rs 2943 per kg.

MCX Copper is trading at 0.50 percent up to trade at Rs. 360. Lead prices rose 0.45 percent, to trade at 111.40

MCX Bullion Tips Today : 

SELL MCX GOLD at 26200-26300, SL – 26400 , TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 26100/ 26000 

SELL MCX SILVER at 34600, SL – 34900, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 34400/ 34100

Monday, September 14, 2015

MCX Gold Silver Tips, MCX Bullion Tips, Commodity NCDEX Calls

MCX Gold prices have fallen to the lowest level in this month. But the decline in the dollar index against major currency in the domestic market of gold and silver has strong start today. This MCX Crude prices have continued to fall strongly.

Today in the Commodity Market if we talk about Agri Commodities Market the its seen in the negative zone. Agri commodities despite the weak monsoon fell in most of the commodities.

From 1 June to 13 September , rainfall in the country is compared to 16 percent of normal, which is the driest year since 2009. Yet, most agricultural commodity futures markets are trading in red.

NCDEX Chana Prices are strongly declined 2.69 percent to tarde at Rs 4,370 per quintal.

The castor seed prices fell 0.50 percent to 4140 per quintal. NCDEX Coriander fell 0.67 percent, NCDEX Jeera is down 1.34 percent, NCDEX Turmeric decline more than 1 percent. The oil and oilseeds are at gain.

NCDEX Soyabean is tarding with a gain of 0.25 percent to Rs 3,200 per quintal. Refined oil and mustard is trading with a gain of 0.15 percent.

NCDEX Commodity calls

Saturday, September 12, 2015

MCX Crude Oil at Negative Note Today | Commodity Best Tips

MCX Crude Oil prices witnessed to move in a narrow range since morning, currently at 3045 on MCX September contract. 

Prices have good support at 2980 and resistance at 3100.

The U.S. added 2.6 million barrels to crude stockpiles last week, nearly triple an estimated increase of 900,000 barrels.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

MCX Live Chart Today : 10 September | Gold Silver Tips

MCX GOLD rose 0.25 percent to Rs 26122 per 10 grams. Weakened by 1.38 percent on Wednesday to close at 26,057 rupees per 10 grams .

GOLD WILL DECLINE STRONGLY Told By Commodity MCX NCDEX Calls Experts, WEDNESDAY gold slipped below several key technical levels. This may increase the price of gold down. In July, gold prices fell to the level of 1077 dollars per ounce, which was the lowest level in February 2010.

According to experts, US interest rates are likely to increase. If that happens, gold prices may come at 6-year low.

MCX Gold Live Chart Today : 

MCX Live Chart

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Good Morning!!! 

Rupee against dollar weakness and global buying at lower levels returned gold and silver in the domestic market has started strongly. However over the MCX crude supply is strongly declined today. The possibility of a fall in demand from China due to this Metals is trading in red. Due to Low rainfall in the country, most on the NCDEX Agri commodities are at gain.

MCX gold with a gain of 0.26 per 26 124 per 10 grams trades. 35,372 per kg while silver prices rose 0.22 percent reached.

The crude 1.87 percent to Rs 2,933 per barrel, with a strong fall has arrived. Base metals prices fell 0.10 percent, 0.40 percent are trading.

Except Sugar, wheat and red pepper, all the agricultural commodities are traded in Green.

NCDEX Chana with 0.50 percent at Rs 4545 per quintal trades. The castor seed September futures rose 1.24 percent to Rs 4177 per quintal is reached. 1.67 percent in terms of spices, coriander, cumin and NCDEX Turmeric in a 0.90 percent 1.67 percent recorded strong growth. But wheat 0.50 percent and red peppers 3.4 percent are traded.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

MCX Gold and MCX Silver marginally Up Today : 9 September

MCX Gold and MCX silver prices in the international market continues to pressure. While crude has recovered from the lows. Gold is trading at 26,450 per 10 grams. However , silver is at 35,800 rupees per kg. 

Commodity experts at MCX NCDEX Calls say that all eyes now focused on the Federal Reserve 's meeting on September 16-17. However, the increase in interest rates on foreign brokerage houses are now changing their opinion. 

MCX Gold Tips Today

Although crude prices have been slipped about 4 percent. The all metals except nickel are trading with losses. 

In NCDEX Agri commodities are traded on the red note today. With a marginal gain of 0.1 percent on MCX gold it is trading at Rs 26,450. 

Around 0.5 percent increased MCX Silver is trading above Rs 35,800. With nearly 1 percent on the Multi Commodity Exchange, crude oil looks around Rs 3,080. Although natural gas has Rupapr 180 fell 0.75 percent.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

MCX GOLD at Negative Note Today : 8 Sep | MCX NCDEX Tips

Gold opened steady this morning and trading around 26560 on MCX October contract. Overall it is likely to trade with negative bias today, while it is not expected to make high volatility as US market is closed for the day.

Prices have good support at 26320 and resistance at 26700, Melbin Noble, research analyst at Commodity MCX NCDEX Calls, said. In global crude prices have slipped about 4 percent. The all metals except nickel are trading with losses.

Agri commodities are traded with Red Sign Today. 


MCX Gold 0.10 percent to Rs 26 477 per 10 grams, with weakness trades. MCX Silver prices dropped by 0.16 percent to Rs 35138 per kg fell. 

But crude prices rose 0.60 percent and the price per barrel reached at 2966. Base metals prices are 0.10 and 0.40 percent decline.


Monday, September 7, 2015

Best Commodity Tips Today – 7 September | MCX NCDEX Calls

Today Morning, MCX GOLD and MCX SILVER has been started with positive sign. In the domestic market , except for crude all the commodities are at gained. The over supply of crude prices slipped again. The base metals prices have also shot up by 0.80 per cent. In the case of the Agri commodities are traded mostly in red .

MCX gold with 0.10 per cent at Rs 26,548 per ten grams trades. While silver prices rose 0.30 per 35 482 per kg is reached. Base metals prices have risen by 0.80 per cent from 0.30 percent.

NCDEX Chana price strongly declined 1.35 per cent to Rs 4952 per quintal. 1.50 percent in guar gum and guar seed is seeing a decline of 1.72 percent. Cumin 0.30 percent to Rs 16080 per quintal.

NCDEX Chana futures posted new highs last week amid steady off take in cash markets and firm trend in Kharif pulses like Tur and Urad. Slower arrival pace in Delhi Lawrence road also supported the trend.

Overall trade sentiments were firm in Agri counters in response to forecast for a monsoon deficient September month.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Crude prices fall , Agri commodities boom Today | MCX NCDEX FREE TIPS

Domestic market open with gold - silver up prices. Although crude prices continue to decline. In the case of the Agri commodities except edible oils and oilseeds has picked up strongly in all.

MCX Gold with 0.35 percent in the domestic futures market is trading at 26,485 rupees per 10 grams.

While silver prices rose 0.55 per cent to Rs 35 598 per kg. However, because of over - supply and a stronger dollar , crude oil rose by 0.10 percent, to Rs 3083 per barrel. While natural gas prices due to weak demand has slipped.

12 percent less rain than normal in the country Agri commodities boom is seeing.

NCDEX Chana at Rs 4879 per quintal, with 0.60 percent is traded. Turmeric and cumin gained more than 1 percent.

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MCX Live Prices today : 3 September | NCDEX Chana, Turmeric Tips

The appreciation in the dollar because gold and silver are trading with losses. MCX gold with 0.16 per cent at Rs 26 587 per ten grams level, is trading at. Silver prices slipped to 0.15 per cent at Rs 35 312 per kg has come. The base metals prices have gone up from 0.35 to 0.70 per cent. Despite the fall in global crude domestic market rose nearly 1 per cent to Rs 3064 per barrel is reached. 

The Met Office said the 88 per cent lower than forecast this year's rains. In the country from June 1 till September 2, total rainfall ia 640 mm which is normally less than 12 per cent. The impact of El Nino on the monsoon is seeing clear. NCDEX Castor seed with a gain of 1.02 percent to Rs 4265 per quintal has been reached. 

NCDEX Chana price is reached at 4879 With a gain of 0.37. The last 20 days due to rains in Rajasthan guar prices have risen by nearly one per cent. Cumin and turmeric are trading with weakness.

NCDEX Tips : 

NCDEX chana Tips today is BUY 4830 , S L – 4788, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 4930/ 0 

NCDEX Turmeric BUY 8774, SL-8714 , TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 - 8814/ 8874

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

MCX Bullion Tips today: 2 September | MCX NCDEX Calls

The decline in the global market , the domestic market at MCX , gold - silver , crude oil and metals has been started with weak note.

On Tuesday MCX crude closed with down by more than 5 percent. In the global market crude is at over supply so the prices are seen to be at down.

The major currency against the dollar index has reached the level of 95.56.

Dollar increased yesterday, whereas Gold Vanished. Tuesday Agri commodities after sharply increase, today the market is seen at down.

October gold futures on the Multi Commodity Exchange , with 0.38 per cent at Rs 26 730 per 10 gm. While silver prices slipped 0.25 percent to trade at Rs 34 420 per kg.

Crude fell by over 3 per cent. Copper and nickel are seen on the green . However, aluminium , lead and zinc have declined strongly.

NCDEX Chana , guar, and soyabean prices have continued to fall . Also, cumin and turmeric prices has weakened nearly 1 percent. 

MCX NCDEX Tips Today

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1 September – Gold Silver Increased | MCX NCDEX Tips

Gold-Silver increased due to the dollar index against major currency decline.MCX crude oil in the domestic market on Monday with a gain of 8.5 percent over and closed at 3250. 

MCX gold with 0.70 percent trading at Rs 26 869 per 10 grams. While silver prices rose 0.20 percent and reached atRs 34 648 per kg. Crude fell by 1.30 percent is trading at Rs 3188 per barrel. With the strong decline in base metals. 1.45 percent of aluminum and nickel declined by 1 per cent. 

In copper, lead and zinc 0.50 percent of weakness seen. Weak monsoon Agri commodities have risen strongly. 

Northwest India and central India due to low rainfall in the commodity futures markets are gained. NCDEX Chana futures prices rose 0.61 per cent to Rs 4818 per quintal. 

The NCDEX turmeric prices rose by 4 percent and the price of Rs 8762 per quintal. Coriander and cumin prices have climbed 0.70 percent. Soybean prices rose 1 percent to Rs 3256 per quintal is reached. 

MCX Gold ( October futures ) Buy 26500 target from 26,650 to 26,850 , stoploss 26350 

MCX Silver ( December futures ) Buy 34900 target from 35,280 to 35,750 , stoploss 34 550 

NCDEX Turmeric ( October futures ) Buy 8550 target 8800-9000 , stoploss 8400