Friday, January 29, 2016

NCDEX Turmeric Prices will rise : 29 jan | MCX NCDEX Tips

Reduction in production and carry forward stocks remain half due to this NCDEX Turmeric prices may get rise. According to leading businesses of Turmeric,Prices in the next 2-3 months may be 10,000-11,000 a quintal. 

The country's annual consumption is 70-75 million bags (each bag of 70 kg), while the production of 50 million bags and carry forward stock is 50 million bags. So for next year is expected to carry forward stock down to 25-30 million bags.

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Increased exports of turmeric

Spice Board of India during the first half of the financial year 2015-16, the country exported 46,500 tons of turmeric in the first half of 2014-15. Total exports from India turmeric in 2014-15 was 86,000 tonnes , while turmeric exports in 2013-14 was 77,500 tonnes. Increased exports turmeric prices are expected to trend upward. 


Sell Crude February in between 2290/2295 stoploss 2330 target 2254. 

BUY ZINC ABOVE 108.95 TGT 110.80,113.40 SL 106.8.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

India Agri Commodity Market Trends at weak note | MCX NCDEX Live Calls Today

Prices fall across practically all sectors for the Agri markets as lack of export demand amidst reports of low import demand from China kept trend down.

Lack of winter season domestic demand amidst higher stocks too keep prices down as Chana, Guar and Spices trade weak. Most commodities fall more than 2% as sentiments remain weak in this sector.

IN MCX Market GOLD is trading at 26,749.00 with 362.00pts or +1.37% up, MCX Silver is at 35,265.00 with 586.00pts or +1.69% Up, MCX CrudeOil and Natural gas is also at green note.

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Buy Soyabean February above 3770 target 3850 stoploss 3730

Buy Jeera Mar above 13210 tgt 13420 sl 13090

Monday, January 25, 2016

NCDEX Jeera Prices may get huge fall : 25 jan 2016 | MCX NCDEX Tips Today

Due to much production of NCDEX Jeera in India and Weakness in the prices of Jeera in Global Market, the prices may get fall further.The country's largest producing state of Gujarat Jeera production is projected to grow by 7 percent. 

The Jeera exports are expected to decline this year to 35 percent. Due to this teh Jeera prices may fall further.  

Cumin production may increase 7 percent

Gujarat Agriculture for Rabi Crops of 2015-16 released by the Directorate first advance estimates this year the state will produce 2.11 million tons of Jeera, while in Gujarat in 2014-15 Jeera was produced by 1.97 million tonnes. 

Prices Fall: 
In the past month, the country's largest Jeera Unjha market prices fall by over Rs 100 per 20 kg has been recorded. 25 December Jeera prices in the market at Rs 2,650 per 20 kg to Rs 2,550 per 20 kg has come down. 

 MCX NCDEX Tips Today:

SELL CRUDE - JANUARY (MCX) @ 2205.00, Target: 2170.00, Stop-loss: 2230.00

Friday, January 22, 2016

Indian Agri Market under Pressure ; NCDEX Chana Prices fell by 10%

For the most Agri Commodities trend continued at bearish note. Spices sector failed to hold on to the higher levels as lack of demand amidst high stocks and conducive weather in growing areas kept trend down.

NCDEX Guar too showed weakness as lack of export demand in the former and lack of domestic demand in winter season for the latter kept trend down.

Oil complex and fibre too traded weak as bearishness in International markets amidst economic problems in China kept sentiments down as uptrend looks limited for most counters.

During the past month, prices of NCDEX Chana in the wholesale market is noted that it fell by 10 percent. Chana prices in the wholesale market in Delhi came to Rs 4,700 per quintal from Rs 5,200. Government crackdown on hoarders gram in the market due to increased availability. The new crop is likely to see a further decline in the prices.

BUY Intraday ZINC - JANUARY (MCX) @ 102.50, Target: 101.70, Stop-loss: 103.00

Friday, January 15, 2016

Volatile Trend in Indian Agri Commodity Market | MCX NCDEX Tips Today

Today in Indian Agri Commodity Market a Volatile Trend have been noticed. With many mandis remaining closed due to the Festivals, agri commodities traded with high volatility as profit booking set in at the higher levels after the previous day rise in prices.

Prospects of rains in North-West India in coming days could also act as a dampener for the rising rates as that would be good for the Rabi crop growth.

MCX NCDEX Tips Today:  

Sell Alumini January in between 99.90-100 Stoploss 100.50 Target 99.10 :Current market price-99.80 

Sell Copper February in between 295.30-.50 Stoploss 596.80 Target 292.80 :Current market pric-295.30

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Brent crude below $ 30, Copper 6.5 -year lows | Commodity tips By Experts

Due to increase in US crude reserves, the decline in prices is recorded in CrudeOil. Brant Crude has lost nearly 1.0 percent during the trading. 

since April 2004 the Brent crude have been came down by $30. MCX crude oil rose 0.5 percent, while nearly Rs 2,060 is reached. 

MCX Copper estimated at low rates Since 6.5 Years:
Reduction in demand from the projected price of copper on the London Metal Exchange is at its lowest level in the last 6.5 years . 

The zinc and nickel , about 1 to 2 percent in heavy decline. MCX Aluminium with a gain of 0.75 per cent trading at Rs 98.9, lead gained 0.5 percent and the price reached Rs 109.25. 

Rise in MCX GOLD : 
Price on MCX Gold at Domestic Market is raised at trading at 25,895.00 with gains of 160.00, (+0.62%). MCX Silver is at 34,108.00 with loss of -63.00 (-0.18%).

Commodity tips By Experts:

BUY Intraday COPPER - FEB (MCX) @ 295.10, Target: 300.00, Stop-loss: 292.80
Buy MCX Feb Gold between 25530 – 25560, SL – 25400, Target – 25800 / 25900 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

CrudeOil gained 1.5 %, The positive signals from China | Gold-Silver tips

Due to the positive signals from China, MCX crudeoil has seen Up. China-based exports in the yuan by 2.3 percent due to the sharp rise in crude prices has been seen today. With 1.5 percent high CrudeOil prices touched at $ 30.88 per barrel.

A slight decline in gold and silver: While gold and silver have seen a slight decline in prices today. Due to the positive signals from China equity markets are orientation.

Therefore Comaks gold prices were up 0.05 percent, gold is trading at 1084.7 per ounce. Today MCX Gold is trading at 25,538.00 with -136.00pts or -0.53% fall.

Gains in base metals: 

Increase in base metals has been seen today. Aluminium is around Rs98.2 with 0.5 percent, while lead has gained 1 percent and is trading at Rs98.5.

MCX Copper rose 0.5 percent to Rs 294.15, where as agri SoyOil February futures on NCDEX commodities rose 0.3 percent at 595.5 rupees, while April futures 0.3 percent of the cotton has come at Rs, 838.5.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What Experts Says about MCX Gold ?? | NCDEX Live Tips

In the first 11 days of the new year nearly four percent of hike have been seen in gold has surprised investors. The international and domestic market price of gold is going to rise continuously. MCX December31, Rs 25,000 per ten gram, gold prices were close to, the time has gone beyond 26,000. 

But according to experts, much of the gold rally is not sustainable. Experts believe that in the long term, gold prices may come down to 25,000.

Things become like 1980 : Experts believe that gold have been rises in the last 11 days, but it will not remain for longer time. because the circumstances have become such as technical chart 1980. In the 61 months between the years 1980 and 1985, global gold prices was a decline of 55 percent. Existing technical charts are beginning to become just the situation since September 2011.

MCX NCDEX Tips Today : 

Sell SoyaOil at Current market price 591.8,Target-585.1, Stoploss-596.1 


Monday, January 11, 2016

11 Jan : CrudeOil continued to fall, MCX GOLD continues to shine

Global market prices of Brent crude fell by 1 percent, while Nymex crude has fallen by 2 percent. Crude also fell 0.82 percent, while Brant has come close to 33 dollars a barrel.

MCX Crude dropped nearly 3 percent in the domestic market at the level of Rs 2,180. Although natural gas with 1.2 percent growth has come at Rs 165.4. Although natural gas with a gain of 1.2 percent to Rs 165.4 has reached.

Gold continues to shine :
Comex gold prices on the global market in 1104 after a rise of 0.56 percent on the dollar. While silver is close to $ 14 after gains of 0.48 percent . 26 050 with a gain of 0.25 percent on the MCX gold is trading at Rs . Silver 's move is flat and looks around Rs 33 850.

weakness in base metals:

MCX Aluminium fell 0.5 per cent to Rs 99.7 has arrived. Has weakened 0.8 percent in the lead. Zinc fell nearly 1 percent and the rupee trading at 99.8, while copper is down 1.3 per cent. MCX Nickel has come close to nearly 2 per cent to Rs 560. Agri commodities NCDEX Jeera marginally by 0.1 per cent to close at Rs 13,700 with weakness. Castor seed while nearly 0.5 per cent to Rs 3,625 arrived.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Indian crude basket price at $ 30 down, Petrol Prices may get less by Rs. 4

Indian crude basket price is down by $ 29.24 per barrel. This large reduction will affect the Petrol Prices in the Domestic Market. December 31 oil companies cut petrol prices were 63 cents per litre, the price of the Indian basket of crude was 35.95 dollars a barrel. Now, if the price below $ 30, on January 15 in the petrol prices may get down by Rs 4 per litre.

What experts says >> 

Mr Gourav Sharma,at Commodity MCX NCDEX Call says crude basket price has come down from $30 so its most expected that the prices of the Petrol may get cut by 4 Rs. & The January Crude Oil Level is below December level. So there is more possibilities that by 15 Jan prices may get cut by Rs. 4.

Why cut the scope of petrol by Rs 4??? 
1. In November 2015, the average Indian crude basket price was 42.05 dollars a barrel. Then, the price of petrol in Delhi, Rs 61.06 per liter.

2. In December 2015, the average Indian crude basket price was 35.95 dollars a barrel. Then, the price of petrol in Delhi, Rs 59.35 per liter.

3. January 7 , 2015. The Indian crude basket price of $ 29.24 per barrel has come . Such Petrol and crude prices in the past two months, the ratio was 1.45 percent, 1.65 percent .

4. Mr. Gourav Sharma on January 15 on the basis of the ratio of oil companies cut petrol prices by Rs 4 per liter price cut of Rs 4 per liter scope.

Petrol Prices

Thursday, January 7, 2016

MCX Gold 7 weeks on the upper level, Crude was down $ 33 | Commodity Best Tips by Experts

Today on Thursday The China Market have been Suspended for the day. China's economy from the deepening slump in crude prices is once again falling. Brent crude in the international market again fell to new lows is 11 years.

On Thursday, the foreign market, Brent crude fell to $33.02 a barrel on the lower level has come. However, the decline in equity markets and rising tensions in Saudi Arabia, Iran is getting support from the gold and silver prices. International market price of gold has on the upper level of 9 weeks.

Gold Investment Demand have been Increased : 

This week, several developments have taken place at international level in the investment demand for gold has risen again. The North Korea to test a hydrogen bomb have claimed that the tensions with South Korea are likely to increase and worsening economic situation in China on the other hand are going.

Also in the Middle East between Iran and Saudi Arabia have also increased tensions. Because of these developments has been an increase in international demand for gold investment.

Commodity Best Tips By Experts : 

SELL LEAD 110.90 TARGET 110.20 STOPLOSS 111.60
Sell Copper February below 308 Target 302 Stoploss 312.1 

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Indian Agri Commodities Market is Under Pressure Today | NCDEX MCX Tips

Lack of strong demand in mandis kept pressure on the market sentiments, Due to Lack of Demand in the Agri Commodity Market. Short covering at these lower levels however prevented any further fall in rates also.

Spices recovered on some positive news on NCDEX Turmeric while NCDEX Jeera failed to show strong recovery on lack of export demand. NCDEX Chana maintained the uptrend even as lack of export demand kept uptrend limited for Guar.


The NCDEX Chana markets on regular Govt initiatives to control rising prices even as falling stocks and lower production reports keep supporting prices. 

Buy Gold February in between 25600/25620,sl-25520,tgt-25740

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Indian Agri Commodity Market witnessed weak trends | NCDEX Commodity Tips

Indian Agri Commodity Tips Have been noted at weak trends. Lack of strong demand on the export front amidst low trading activities on the domestic front kept trend slight weak for most Agri commodities oN Monday even as traders apprehend demand to pick up in coming weeks as International markets start opening.

Only NCDEX chana traded firm as moderate domestic demand was noted after the recent huge fall in prices.Concerns over economic crisis in China too kept sentiments weak for the Agri markets.  

NCDEX Commodity Tips :

Sell Soybean January in between 3693-94 Stoploss 3707 Target 3678

BUY CRUDE OIL JAN @ 2474 SL BELOW 2435 TGT 2508-2545

Monday, January 4, 2016

Crude Oil is up By 2 percent, MCX Gold also buoyant | MCX Live Calls Today

MCX crude oil in the domestic market rose by 1.75 percent and is is trading a Rs 2,525 level. However MCX Natural gas has come down to Rs 155 dropped to 1.25 percent. MCX gold is trading at Rs 25,050 with a gain of 0.4 percent. Silver with a gain of 0.4 percent is trading at Rs 33,460.
Where as, MCX Copper is trading at Rs 311.8 with 1.5 percent weakness . MCX Nickel fell 1.75 percent to Rs 575 seems to be down. Zinc in the 1 percent and is trading at Rs 105.6. 0.1 percent on MCX Aluminium traded at Rs 100.25 with slight weakness, while lead has weakened 0.9 percent, and its price has fallen to Rs 117.5.

With a marginal gain of 0.1 percent on NCDEX Barley is trading at Rs 1,440. NCDEX SoyOil has come down to Rs 615 slipped 0.5 percent. 0.25 percent to Rs 3,400 levels of Guar seed is traded. Khali with another cotton fell 0.75 per cent to Rs 2,125 arrived.

Sell Lead in between 117.20-.15 STOPLOSS 117.75 TARGET 116.40
SELL COPPER 312.30 TARGET 310.50 - 308 STOPLOSS 313.80


Friday, January 1, 2016

What 2016 says about Agri commodities By Experts ????

Firstly I would like to wish every visitors of the Blog, Traders and Investor....

  "A very Happy New Year" 

May this new Year bring lotzzz of money to all the Investors and Traders.. Cheers!!!!  

Now if i talk about the very first day of the year 2016, It has been told by Commodity MCX NCDEX Tips Experts that hopefully the new year will be at positive turnaround. 

Agri markets managed to stage a bounce back even as trading activities remained low in the mandis.

Traders anticipate the new year to bring in some positive sentiments for the Agri counters with recovery expected from these low levels.