Thursday, March 31, 2016

Modest gains in MCX Gold, MCX CrudeOil and Metals fall

Record stores in the US has increased pressure on crude prices. NYMEX crude prices at $ 38, While Brent crude prices are below $40. MCX Crude oil fell 1 percent to Rs 2,525. while natural gas is trading at Rs 132.4 with osteoporosis of 0.3 percent.

Modest gains in MCX Gold:
Gold prices fell by 0.07 percent on the Comex under $ 1230 is reached. While silver is at $15, with a slight decline. With a gain of 0.15 percent on MCX gold is trading at Rs 28450. while silver is at Rs 36400 with a gain of 0.2 percent. 

Lethargy in base metals:
Base metals slowdown trend is being witnessed. Copper fell 0.4 percent to trade at Rs 320. While lead is at Rs 114 with fall of 0.1 percent. While zinc fell 0.3 percent. 

Agri commodities weakness:
Agri commodities cotton oilcake trick is weak, while cumin is also dropped. NCDEX cotton oilcake with a weak 0.4 percent and trading at Rs 2240. NCDEX jeera is Down 0.7 percent to trade at Rs 15,400.


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Agri Commodities Market Update Today : 30 March

Turmeric April futures traded on a slipped on Tuesday (5.00pm) at India's National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX). NCDEX Turmeric trading range for the day is 8170-8622. Market sources however expect further fall to be limited as summer season North Indian demand and export demand are expected to pick up in coming weeks. 

Buy Turmeric @8350, SL-8150,TGT- 1 / TGT- 2-8550/ 8880 

Chana futures traded on a Negative note decreased demand on Tuesday (5.00PM). Chana May l contract lost -0.36% to 4467 levels. NCDEX Chana trading range for the day is 4385-4583. But an overall fall in Pulses production reports could also keep overall sentiments firm for the commodity. 

BUY Chana @4430,SL-4380,TGT- 1 / TGT- 2-4480/ 4540 

The NCDEX Soyabean April futures slipped by -1.77% in the last trading to close at 3994 level till Tuesday closing. Ref.Soya oil trading range for the day is 636-648. NCDEX Soyabean trading range for the day is 3933-4119. NCDEX accredited warehouses soyabean stocks gained by 121 tonnes to 41132 tonnes. 

SELL Soyabean @4040, SL-4090, TGT- 1 / TGT- 2-3990/ 3940 

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

MCX NCDEX Tips | Commodity Best Tips | MCX Live calls | Agri Tips By Experts

Today the MCX Gold Prices is declining for the second consecutive day. Had lower levels of gold a month ago, which continues today. Currently, 0.12 percent on the Comex, gold is weak. $ 1,220 per ounce on the Comex, gold prices have been coming down. 

Light declined, while silver is trading at $ 15. MCX gold in the domestic market declined by 0.25 percent to Rs 28,400 has come down. With a slightly sluggish 0.1 percent, while silver fell to Rs 36,525. 

MCX Crude has declined in global markets. 0.41 percent on weakness with Nymex crude has come down to $ 40. while in Brent crude 0.51 percent weakness has been seen. 0.51 percent with weakness has come close to $ 40. While MCX crude oil slipped 0.3 per cent to Rs 2625. 

Agri commodities weakness:  
NCDEX soybean with 0.5 percent has come down to Rs 4,050. NCDEX Chana 0.5 percent to Rs 4530 has come with osteoporosis.

Monday, March 28, 2016

MCX Gold is 1 month Low price | Commodity Best Tips | MCX NCDEX Calls Today

Because of the rise in US crude reserves was a decline in crude oil. However, at the beginning of the week, crude has bounced back. 

Currently, NYMEX WTI crude reached at $ 40 with a gain of 1 percent. Brent crude reached to $40.6 with rise of 0.5 percent. 

MCX GOLD at One Months lowest levels:
Comex gold prices dropped to the lowest level in nearly a month. COMEX gold fell by 1 per cent to $ 1,211 per ounce. The gold is at lowest level since February 22 . However Comaks silver rose by 0.25 percent to $ 15.2 per ounce level. At the MCX, gold fell by 0.75 percent to Rs 28400. 

while silver fell more than 0.25 percent to trade at Rs 36,550. It is believed that the Fed meeting in April, interest rates can be increased. The US central bank in the previous meeting clearly indicated that 2016 interest rates may have increased 2 times. 

Agri commodities boom:
Agri commodities have risen in cumin. NCDEX Jeera with 2 percent rise reached at Rs 15700. The Rs 4465 per gram reached 1.75 percent.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

The Indian crude basket crosses $ 38 | MCX NCDEX Tips Today

Indian crude basket price exceeded by $38 a barrel on Thursday. Oil prices are likely to increase. Strengthening of the rupee against the dollar put pressure on the oil companies has shrunk slightly. 

According to data released by the oil ministry on Thursday against Wednesday's price of Indian basket of crude oil at $ 1.95 a barrel to $ 38.05 per barrel, or about 5 percent more expensive and reached 38.05 dollars per barrel. However, the 0.7 percent growth witnessed in the rupee. 

With the help of appreciation in rupee decline in the Indian rupee against the dollar basket of crude oil has dropped. According to the oil ministry on Thursday, crude oil basket was at 2545 per barrel. 4.68 percent, as compared with the previous session witnessed.  

MCX Crude prices continued to rise on Wednesday as oil companies increase prices of petrol and diesel. Similarly , if crude prices continued to rise till the end of March, There would be no hope in prices of CrudeOil. The rise in prices is also possible.


Thursday, March 17, 2016

MCX Gold up by 2.5 percent, Crude oil beyond $ 40

The US Federal Reserve's decision to not raise interest rates after the strong rally in gold. Comaks gold rose 2.25 percent and is trading at $1258. While silver is also seeing a boom. 

With 2.3 percent growth Comaks silver has reached $15.6. The same with a gain of 1.5 percent on MCX gold is trading at Rs 29,400. MCX Silver with a gain of 1.5 percent is trading at 37,450 rupees.  

Base metals boom :

Base metals rose 0.2 percent aluminium is trading at Rs 101. MCX Copper prices have reached Rs 337, nearly 1 percent gains. while nickel is reached to Rs 583 with 0.8 percent up.  

Agri commodities bounce :

At the Multi Commodity Exchange , mentha oil with 0.25 percent high is trading at Rs 873.3. NCDEX guar seed at Rs 3075 with a gain of 0.5 percent.


Friday, March 11, 2016

11 March : Agri Commodity Market Updates | NCDEX Jeera Tips

NCDEX Jeera Tips
Prices of Indian agri commodities cooled down a bit after the moderate recovery seen over last few days. Most of the Agri Commodities are traded with moderate trends.

Spices, NCDEX Chana and NCDEX Guar traded moderately firm as any rains in growing areas would adversely affect the standing Rabi crops.

Improved demand prospects in coming days on the domestic and export front is also supporting prices.

Yesterday the Jeera prices at National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX) closed higher by 0.84 closed at 14,955.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

MCX gold and silver is down | MCX Live calls | NCDEX Tips Today

Because of weak global cues futures trade, Gold and Silver prices have declined. MCX Gold price for June delivery fell 0.52 percent or Rs 158 per ten grams to trade at Rs 29940. While the price of gold for delivery in April fell by 0.50 percent or Rs 148 per ten grams is at 29661 level. 

MCX Gold prices fall is mainly due to a slowdown in global prices. In the international market the level of Gold has come to $1254 per ounce with Fell 0.54 percent. 

In Silver with gold futures trading has also declined. On the MCX, silver prices for May delivery fell 0.79 percent or Rs. 297 to trade at Rs 37,130 per kg. The prices for delivery in June fell by Rs. 262 per kg to trade at 37,613. 

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Buy Crude March in between 2485/2480 stoploss 2465 target 2540. 

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Buffer stock exceeded the target for the purchase of pulses

Government buffer stock for the purchase of 51 thousand tonnes of kharif pulses. The procurement target has been more than a thousand tons. The government has said that states can begin the purchase of Rabi pulses. 

These pulses like lentils and peas pulses come. Government buffer stocks to buy one million tonnes of pulses is targeting. On Monday, Inter- ministerial meeting was held on commodity prices and there availability.

 The meeting also reviewed the production of pulses, except tomato’s. According to the government , this time the tomato production to be higher than last year's by 11.6 percent. At the same meeting, with the help of a new breed of tomato's in tomato production in new areas were considered.


Friday, March 4, 2016

MCX Crude can be expensive by 70% in a year, fuel prices will increase

Global crude prices could go up to $ 55 in the next 12 months. According to a report by UBS since the second half of 2016, crude prices may be recorded. 

It will have a direct impact on the prices of petrol and diesel in the country and is likely to see an increase in prices. Will see a direct impact on inflation. 

Prices will increase by the end of 2016: 

According to the report, short-term crude oil prices to $ 25 per barrel may occur. But in the long term is likely to see a recovery in prices. Balance end of 2016, due to market sentiment, prices of crude could reach $ 55 a barrel. 

According to the report from the second half of 2016, crude oil prices will start to see a recovery. According to the report, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and African oil exporters to balance their budgets is essential for prices.

MCX CrudeOil Updates

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Crude Oil is Up Today| MCX Live Updates | Commodity Best Tips

The expected agreement on oil producing countries cut crude prices have continued to edge. 0.2 percent in early trading saw crude prices, and the prices are close to 34.7 dollars per barrel. Commodity expert expected that production may get cut with the global stock markets have increasingly resorted to crude.

MCX Crudeoil is trading at 2,343.00 at gains of 2.00 or +0.09%.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

MCX Gold is trading Up | commodity Best Tips Today

Global equity market faster than expected due to the pressure on gold prices is being witnessed. April futures on MCX gold declined by Rs 86 and trading at Rs 29,137 /10 grams, while MCX Silver remains March futures are trading at Rs 59 to Rs 35,680. 

MCX Crude today is profit being recorded. MCX crude March futures contract declined by Rs 2313 to $ 31/ barrel, while Nymex crude remains is trading at $ 34, down $ 0.39/barrel. 

Basemetals- Basemetals get the advantage of China's markets yesterday were China market rose 2 percent . MCX Copper April contract rose by Rs 1.75 to Rs 326 / kg , lead March contract rose 0.45 to Rs 121.50, nickel March contract rose by Rs 1.50 and is trading at Rs 593.10 / kg. 

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CRUDEOIL BUY ABOVE 2321 TGT 1 2342.03 TGT 2 2350.12 TGT 3 2376.12 SL 2308

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Budget : Expectation from Commodity Market in 2016

Commodity mcxx ncdex calls

In 2015 the budget for the commodity market regulator FMC merger-except there was no major announcement. In the last budget, the finance minister before the commodity market which had several offers CTT(commodity transaction tax) to delete, FCRA amendments and mergers involving regulator FMC

But the budget in 2015, the finance ministry announced the addition of Sebi-FMC merger proposal is not a commodity market. 

What are the expectations from the 2016 budget of commodity market:

MD of MCX commodity market PK Singhal said, we are seeking for several years to remove the CTT. But this year we demand from Finance Minister that they should either remove or make lower use of CTT in Commodity Market.

After the merger, according to Singhal regulator FMC FCRA does not require a change in the commodity market regulator Sebi after the merger option could even start.