Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Commodity Face Today: 29 june 2015 || MCX Crudeoil Tips || NCDEX Tips

High Volatility is seen in the commodity market today due to Monsoon. The trend in the coming week would again be dependent on the rains in growing areas as conflicting reports emerge on the weather front.

MCX Crudeoil Prices fell down on monday in the Asian Market. MCX Gold ended with small gains whereas MCX Silver prices lower as the upbeat U.S data continued to support the dollar.
Commodity Face Today

Commodity Face today and NCDEX Tips:

NCDEX Soyabean, Trend for the day-SIDEWAYS TO BULLISH, LTP-3482
NCDEX chana, Trend for the day-SIDEWAYS TO BEARISH, LTP-4167
NCDEX Jeera, Trend for the day-SIDEWAYS TO BULLISH, LTP-4025
NCDEX Turmeric, Trend for the day-SIDEWAYS TO BULLISH, LTP-4152

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Let me Guide you to Become a Profitable Stock Trader

Hello Investor and Traders!!

I am Kinjal Sanghvi and Today I am gonna discuss very impottant topic with the peoples who are trading in the Indian Stock Market. Offcourse you are having the basic idea about the trading strategies and many people take the guidelines of Advisory Company so they too are having the knowledge and idea of Stock Market.

But the Thing I am here discusing is very important for all the TRADERS AND INVESTORS. Every one who so ever is trading are lacking in patience and descipline, If they attempt any loss they either get frustrate or leave doing trading...

Which is really a shit!!!

See, According to my opinion at the the time of loss you have to be very pateince and handle the situation in optimistic way. Patience and Discipline are the TWO most important terms that the traders should have.

I have seen to the Many investors invest in the share which is going up and when it fells they go to the other one which is running up...GUYS!!! Have patience, Sit down-take deep breath and let the things set up and come to you. It really take time for things to come to you Specially in the Stock Market.

Patience and discipline will help you prevent from allowing your small losses to snowball into bigger losses as you frantically chase after ways to recoup your small losses.

Don't worry readers have patience and descipline while trading. Take advice from better advisory who are being to handle you with patience and provide you the best Stock Tips and Commodity MCX NCDEX Calls

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Commodity Best Tips for the Day 26 june 2015|| MCX NCDEX Tips || CrudeOil Prices Today

The market is slipping away Today the Sensex is down 153.77 points or 0.6 percent at 27799.20.@10:26

Where as Indian Agri Commodity in July is also Critical. Prices for most Agri commodities are trading at very low levels.The month of July too remains critical for the sowing aspects.


MCX NCDEX Tips for Today: 

NCDEX Turmeric Tip July Contract, open at 7120 S1-6816 and R1-7046
NCDEX Soyabean Tip August Contract, OPEN AT 3455 S1-3432 and R1-3460t MCX CrudeOil Tip for August Contrat, open at 3835 S1-3880 and R1-3802

Friday, June 26, 2015

SENSEX & NIFTY Closed Red Today || commodity online tips || MCX Gold Tips

Nifty and Sensex Closed red on the first day of july session. Sensex down 84 pts, closed roday at 27811.84 Whereas Nifty ends 8381.10, 16.90 points lower.
mcx gold tips

MCX Gold prices rose 0.15 percent to Rs 26,525 in futures trade today Market analysts said recovery in the precious metal in global markets, influenced gold prices at futures trade here. MCX gold tips for the day is buy. Gold is trading at 26498.00.

Gainers and Loosers:  

Cotton, Lead Mini, MCX Silver are Top Gainers 
MCX Mentha Oil, Nickel Mini are Top Loosers

NCDEX Jeera Today To Continue Bearish Trend : 25 June 2015 || Commodity best Tips || MCX NCDEX Tips

Short term trend is likely to be seen voltile for Agri Commodity Market. Markets have recovered for NCDEX Chana after the recent huge fall in prices. Its gaining a good demand at the spot market. Heavy rains expected in North-West this week as the recent rains keep market price weak. However, with prices having fallen a lot over last few weeks, traders do not rule out moderate short term recovery as demand too picks up at these lower levels.
MCX Mentha Oil price after some profit booking as overall strong Fundamentals kept supporting the prices. Possibilities of rains in growing areas in coming days could perk up prices further.

NCDEX Jeera Tips is Short term support for July contract is seen at 15500 and resistance at 16900. For intraday, support is at 16400 and resistance at 16600. 

Commodity best Tips Today: 

#Buy MCX Silver 36050 with stoploss-35750 TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 -36660/ 0 
#Buy NCDEX Jeera 16020 with stoploss-15830 TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 -16330/ 0

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Evening Commodity Tips || MCX NCDEX Tips for Tomorrow

Bullion counter traded negative for short term. MCX Gold August contract can trade negative for short term with support at 26200 and ressistance of 27000 told by Commodity MCX NCDEXCalls research analyst. 

MCX NCDEX Tips For Tomorrow: 

#Sell MCX Crudeoil #Sell MCX Gold # Sell MCX Silver 
#Buy NCDEX Chana #Buy NCDEX Turmeric #Buy NCDEX Guar Gum

NCDEX Turmeric Future Bearish : 24 june 2015 || NCDEX Soyabean and NCDEX Chana Updates

The sowing of Turmeric crop is expected to pick up gradually as rains in growing in the areas of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu kept possibilities of improved sowing. But with prices having fallen a lot, some bounce back too is possible in the price. NCDEX Turmeric Future Bearish is maintaining lower price range since one week.

NCDEX Turmeric July contract was moving down by -0.55 per cent to 6926 level on Tuesday.

#NCDEX Turmeric Short term July contract is seen at 6200 and resistance at 7600. Support - Intra day seen at 6950 and resistance at 7060. Agri Future trend is expected to come down as rainfall is seen in the major parts of India. Market trend is deducted now by Monsoon in North-West this week.

NCDEX Turmeric


#Buy NCDEX Soyabean, Trading at 3450 ,Stop-loss-3410 ,T1/T2-3490/ 3530 
#Sell NCDEX Chana, Trading at 4150, Stop-loss-4190 ,T1/T2-4110/ 4060

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

MCX Bullion tips For Today || MCX Crudeoil to Continue Sideways

This is an potential dangerous time for MCX GOLD and MCX SILVER. Simply put, the price action in Gold is very bearish is now near an extreme. One week later both the YELLOW Metals are moving towards support. Short Term for MCX GOLD and SILVER is likely to be negative.

MCX Gold Short term support is seen at 26200 and resistance at 27000. Intraday support can be found at 26500 with resistance at 26700 

MCX Crudeoil price today

MCX CrudeOil is continued today to trade sideways. In recent years, higher domestic production of light, tight crude oil in has led to a reduction in crude oil imports in US, according to EIA.

Crude Oil price today Support for short term is at 3700 and resistance at 3950. Intraday support is seen at 3780 with resistance of 3880

NCDEX Chana and Soyabean today - 23 june, 2015 || Crudeoil Down in Asia

Hello Readers!!

Bearish Trend is going to be continued in the Agri commodity Market due to Rainfall. Prices could be under pressure as further Monsoon progress is expected towards North-West this week. Monsoon plays the most vital role in the Agi market.

Well.. This year NCDEX Soyabean prices will be greratly influenced by the Reports of Increased production this year. Its expected that timely influenced of monsson in India this year will produce Soyabean more than 10 Million tonnes in 2015 which 10 percent higher than the last year.

Maharastra and Madhya Pradesh will contribute 85% of overall production.

NCDEX Soyabean Today

NCDEX Soyabean price Today is Trading at 3494.00, High-3498.00, Low- 3469.00.
NCDEX Chana Price Today is Trading at 4094.00, High-4165.00, Low- 4025.00.

Oil Prices fell down in Asia on Tuesday, with the possible return of Iranian crude to the global market stoking further concerns over a supply glut, analysts said. MCX Crudeoil price today is trading at 3835 sell at Stop loss- 3877, T1/T2-3765/ 0

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

MCX bullion tips For Today 22 June 2015 || MCX and NCDEX Tips

Bullion had its biggest rally in a month after Federal Reserve Chair Yellen and policy makers cut their long-term projections for U.S. interest rates. MCX Gold August to Trade in positive zone for short-term. With Support 26800 and resistance at 27250, The trend for intra day is side ways with support of 26920 and resistance at 27080. MCX Silver is adviced to sell.

Its Good News about NCDEX soyabean, as heavy Rainfall will give higher outcome of Soyabean this yerar. Heavy Rainfall in Maharastra and Madhya Pradesh will give 85% of Soyabean this Year.


MCX and NCDEX Tips: 
#MCX CrudeOil sell advice Ent-3840, Stoploss- 3890, TG1/TG2-3805/ 3760
#MCX GOLD sell advice Ent-27200, Stoploss- 27350, TG1/TG2-27050/ 26900
#MCX Silver sell advice Ent-37100, Stoploss- 37400, TG1/TG2-36800/ 36500
#MCX Copper sell advice Ent-364, Stoploss- 368.5, TG1/TG2-361.2/ 358
#NCDX Chana sell advice Ent-4280, Stoploss- 4320, TG1/TG2-4230/ 4180
#NCDX Soyabean sell advice Ent-3543, Stoploss- 3600, TG1/TG2-3600
#NCDX Turmeric sell advice Ent-7180, Stoploss- 7350, TG1/TG2-7060/ 6950

Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 19, 2015 Crude Oil price today | MCX NXDEX tips | commodity online tips

Crude Oil prices Today drifted lower today in rangebound trading as dealers looked for fresh direction after the US central bank signalled it would keep its record-low benchmark interest rates on hold.

Where as if we talk about Agri Commodity Market India may continue its volatile performance. Monsoon reports are painting an improved picture of the rainfall which has paved the way for better sowing of the kharif crops. This is putting pressure on market.

MCX NXDEX tips :

#Buy MCX Gold at 27000 SL-26850 TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 -27180/ 27300
#Buy MCX Silver at 36700 SL-36400 TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 -36980/ 37350
#Buy MCX Crude Oil at 3840 SL-3790 TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 -3890/ 3930
#Sell MCX Copper at 370 SL-373.8TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 -367.5/ 364.2
#Buy MCX Crude palm Oil at 446.50 SL-443 TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 -454.4/ 0
#Sell NCDEX Chana at 4400 SL-4435 TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 -4320/ 0
#Sell NCDEX Jeera at 16380 SL-16560 TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 -16030/ 0
#Sell NCDEX Soyabean at 3600 SL-3635 TGT- 1 / TGT- 2 -3530/ 0

Friday, June 19, 2015

NCDEX Tips For the Day : June 18, 2015 || Buy Sell Levels for today

Medium to long term Trend totally depends on the Monsoon towards the North-West and central India. Moderate recovery was seen in the Agri commodity market today after the recent huge fall in prices on yesterday. Short trem trend totally depends on the Monsoon progress and the amount of rains received mainly in Central and NorthWest India.

Prices stabilized for NCDEX Chana at these lower levels after the recent fall. NCDEX Tips for the Chana will be a Buy call. But expected improved rainfall in the Central and North-West India could keep trend further bearish as sowing of Urad and Tur are likely to get favourably affected in the coming days—thus keeping Pulses rates under pressure.

ncdex free tips

Buy Sell Levels today:

NCDEX Soyabean its #Buy call Stop-loss -3605 T1/T2-3762/ 0
NCDEX Jeera its #Sell call Stop-loss -16675 T1/T2-16215/ 0
NCDEX Turmeric its #Buy call Stop-loss -7080 T1/T2-7340/ 0
NCDEX Mustard Seed its #Buy call Stop-loss -4130 T1/T2-4235/ 0
NCDEX Chana its #Buy call Stop-loss -4460 T1/T2-4520/ 4560
NCDEX Guar Seed its #Buy call stop-loss -4250 T1/T2-4550/ 4800

Thursday, June 18, 2015

18 June, 2015 MCX Gold and Silver trades higher Today || Commodity Live Updates || commodity online tips

Gold silver price tips

MCX Gold today opened with green sign. Gold turned higher on Wednesday, after the Federal Reserve said the U.S. economy is likely strong enough to support an interest rate increase by the end of 2015, causing the dollar to extend losses. Gold can move in range of 26850-27200 in MCX, as per SMC Global research.Greece debt concerns will continue to support the yellow metal.

Commodity Updates Live: 

Silver MCX(JULY Contract):BUY- 36700, STOPLOSS-36400 and TARGET-36950/ 37200
Gold MCX BUY(Augest Contract):BUY-26800, STOPLOSS-26650 and TARGET-26950/ 27100
Crude oil MCX(June contract):SELL-3840, STOPLOSS-3890and TARGET- 3800/ 3760
Lead MCX(June contract):BUY-114, STOPLOSS-113 and TARGET-116.2 / 117.1
Copper MCX(June contract):SELL-372.8, STOPLOSS-375.8 and TARGET-369.5/ 366.7

MCX Bullion Counter Today:17 june 2015 || MCX Crudeoil price Bulllish

 Commodity tips today

MCX Bullion Counter can open today in positive note as Greece debt concern are creating safe demand for the yellow metal. In the interim investors will eagerly awaits the outcome of fed meeting which will start from today and end tomorrow. MCX Gold Today can trade slightly down -0.09 per cent to 27006 level on Tuesday.

Short term trend for MCX Gold Aug contract is likely to be in positive zone today. MCX Crude oil may open on positive note tracking firm overseas clues. API data to be released on Tuesday will give further direction to the prices.MCX Crudeoil price today is on bullish note for short term and sideways for the intraday.

MCX Investment Today: 

MCX Gold Short term support – 26500,Resistance – 27200,Trend-Sideways
MCX Crudeoil Support for short term – 3700,Resistance at 3980,Trend - Bulllish

MCX Lead Support for short term – 113.00 ,Resistance at 130.0,Trend-Bearish   
MCX Silver support-36530, Resistance - 37470 ,Trend – Bearish

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

MCX Mentha Oil Updates for Today 16-june-2015

MCX Menthal oil traded bullish. Menthaoil trading range for the day is 1002.5-1060.

Mentha oil prices gained as lower arrivals amidst improved demand in mandis kept supporting rates. Due to rain in the uttar pradesh region, harvesting process may get affected and this would lend further prices.

Menthal Oil today tips

Todays Tip for MCX MenthalOil:

Trend- Bullish
LTP – 1055
S1 - 1020
R1 - 1049

June 16, 2015 Weak trend seen in Agri Commodity Market

Markets exchange frail for Agri Market things as good reports on the Monsoon front keep pattern feeble. It looks bearish as of now though, as heavy rainfall is seen in the most parts of India. Rains till date are reported at 11% excess as per IMD. Though reports are still not favourable from the crucial areas of North-West India. The Monsoon progress over the next few weeks would remain critical as the sowing for the kharif crops are dependent on that.


NCDEX Chana kept on exchanging frail as enhanced Monsoon conditions in Central and South India kept trend weak as that is supposedly useful for sowing of kharif Pulses. NCDEX Chana opened at 4484 and trading at 4477. Sell NCDEX Chana for today with stoploss-4600 & T1/T2 - 4490/

Where as NCDEX Soyabean may trade on sell on rise. Traders should adopt a strategy of sell on rise to trade in this agri-commodity to have a good risk to reward ratio. Sell NCDEX Soyabean Today with stoploss-3680 & T1/T2 - 3540/ 3490

Agri Commodity Tips for NCDEX SOYABEAN | CHANA | TURMERIC | JEERA : 15 june 2015

Weather play a great impact on the agri commodities. Chana future traded on negative zone and got closed down at 0.09%. Chana Future is going to trade in sideways trend. Ncdex soyabean traded in negative zone with 1.24% down. Soyabean is expected to trade sideways on monsoon progress. Jeera future may trade on negative zone and it was traded on negative zone last week, closed 1.78% down. Turmeric is going to trade in negative again due to good monsoon progress and low demand.Have a Brief look on NCDEX Calls for today :

NCDEX Soyabean-
Trend -Down
S2-16540 S1-16675
R1-16930 R2-17048

NCDEX Chana-
Trend -Sideways
S2-4565 S1-4605
R1-4660 R2-4690

NCDEX Jeera-
Trend -Down
S2-16542 S1-16675
R1-16930 R2-17049

NCDEX Turmeric-
Trend -Down
S2-7260 S1-7370
R1-7560 R2-7660

Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday 12 june 2015 MCX Gold prices edged lower in four sessions | mcx silver today

Gold prices edged down in four sessions on Thursday, as the U.S. dollar regained strength ahead of key U.S. economic data due later in the day. On the COMEX,gold futures for August delivery shed $3.30, or 0.28%, to trade at $1,183.30 a troy ounce during European morning hours. MCX Gold is trading today 26892.00 with 0% change. Intraday tips is to buy gold.

Spot silver prices rose by 0.2 percent to close at $16 in line with strength in gold prices. Dollar weakness by half a percent and strength in the base metals pack acted as a positive factor. Silver Trading at 36671.00 with 141.0% loss. Intraday Tips for Silver is to buy Silver.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Agri tips for commodity Today | NCDEX tips for 11/06/2015

What to buy and sell Today??

Advice – Sell
S L - 4741
TGT- 1 / TGT- 2- 4638/ 0

NCDEX Soyabean
Advice – Buy
S L - 3705
TGT- 1 / TGT- 2- 3810/ 0

NCDEX Turmeric
Advice – Sell
S L - 7597
TGT- 1 / TGT- 2- 7380/ 0

NCDEX Coriander
Advice – Buy
S L - 12190
TGT- 1 / TGT- 2- 12535/ 0

NCDEX Soy oil
Advice – Buy
S L - 593
TGT- 1 / TGT- 2- 607/ 0

MCX Bullion Tips for Today : 10/06/2015 | Crude oil price Today

MCX Gold went through a lack lustre session of exchange yesterday. Costs need to show force over 26900 levels for the counter to rally towards 27025/ 27055 levels . Inability to do as such will see costs move lower towards 26800/ 26750 levels again. Gold settled up 0.27% at 26868 ended higher after the global sell-off in equity markets yesterday.
MCX Silver settled flat at 36863 holding steady on a softer dollar, but gains were limited as investors worried over a looming U.S.

MCX Bullion-
MCX Gold trading range for the day @ 26699-27011
Stop Loss 2 -26699
Stop Loss 1- 26784
R1 – 26940
R2 – 27011

MCX Silver trading range for the day @ 36536-37340
Stop Loss 2 - 36536
Stop Loss 1- 36699
R1 – 37101
R2 – 37340

MCX Energy-
MCX Crudeoil trading range for the day @ 3684-3950.
Stop Loss 2 - 3684
Stop Loss 1- 3769
R1 – 3902
R2 – 3950

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

MCX Gold Tips for Today 8 june 2015 | MCX Tips | Intraday Tips

FY16 : Gold prices may decline to up to Rs. 20,500 per 10 gms according to India Rating and Research. The agency believes changes in gold prices will greatly depends on the US interest rate decision. As such domestic prices may range between Rs 20,500-24,000 per 10 grams from the current levels of Rs 27,000.
Howevere it is said that US continues to delay the interest rates hike, while major economies Japan and Eurozone continue with their unconventional monetary policy . So, domestic prices could also increase from current levels and trade in the range of Rs 29,500-30,500.
The agency also believes that the local premium for gold in India will remain stable in FY16.

MCX Gold today is trading at Rs. 26771.00, 50 points fell down. Market of MCX Gold opened by 26,780.00
Low - 26,765.00

Monday, June 8, 2015

MCX Gold TIPS | MCX Silver Today | Crude Oil Price today : 08/06/2015

Buy Gold and crude oil today

MCX Gold:
Pivot - 26,726
S1 - 26,567
S2 - 26,414
R1 - 26,879
R2 - 27,038

MCX Silver
Pivot - 37,005
S1 - 36,730
S2 - 36,450
R1 - 37,285
R2 – 37,560

MCX Crude oil
Pivot – 3,719
S1 - 3,679
S2 - 3,616
R1 - 3,782
R2 – 3,822

Saturday, June 6, 2015

NCDEX Soyabean & Chana Tips for Today : 5th June 2015

Technically the pattern in NCDEX soybean for November conveyance looks extent bound.We expect Soybean prices to trade range bound due to sufficient stocks in domestic market. However it is likely to remain in positive zone during intraday trade. Advisable to sell Soya-bean today. Its is trading on Rs. 3981 today with Expiry date on 19/June/2015.
Market Opened  : Rs. 4045
High Price : Rs. 4045
Low Price : Rs. 3695

NCDEX Chana Today trading by Rs. 4605 and it is advised to sell Chana.
Market opened : Rs. 4641
High Price : Rs. 4052
Low Price : Rs. 4604

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Oil Prices goes down Today : 4-June-2015

Oil prices fell down in Asia on Thursday(today) after rise in the US outputs. US benchmark West Texas Intermediate for July delivery fell by 35 cents to USD 60.91, while Brent crude for July eased 27 cents to USD 65.22 in late morning trade.

Thursday Market opened of MCX Crudeoil trading by Rs. 3818.00 down fall of 7 Points, 0.18%.
Market Opened : 3,832.00
High points : 3,841.00
Low Points : 3,806.00

Crudeoil Mini trading by Rs. 3812.00 bearish by 13.00 Points and 0.34%
Market Opened : 3,830.00
High points : 3,841.00
Low Points : 3,805.00

Commodity MCX-GOLD MINI Price Rises | MCX-SILVER MINI Trades Flats

 Market opened of MCX Gold mini by Rs 26911.00 up RS 55(0.20%) open interest 589. The GOLD Mini rate touched an intraday high yesterday on Rs 26,908.00 and an intraday low of Rs 26,897.00. So far 541 contracts have been traded. According to expert advice, You should buy Goldm today. India is importer of Gold, as per the present scenerio, its demand would get increase. Its price may come more down.

MCX Silver mini market opened by Rs 38443.00 down RS 18 (0.05%). The Silver mini rate touched an intraday high yesterday on 38,478.00 and an intraday low of at 38,395.00. It is best time to sell siver 100% recommendation of silver mini sell.....!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mcx Gold & Mcx silver live update for today 2 june 2015 | Mcx India

Gold today

The transient viewpoint for the gold fates contract exchanged on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) is bearish in Indian Market. The contract has been declining continuously from the last two weeks from its high of ₹27,685 per 10 gm recorded on 15 May. It is currently trading near ₹27000. Although there is an stop loss ₹26,880, and the target1 is 27380 for mcx gold.

Where as mcx silver buy above 38000 and SL(stop loss) is given 37700 and Target1 for today is 38650. crude oil is opened at 3830 SL1 is 3790 and Sl2 is 3749 and target1 is 3948 for today.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Begginers guid to MCX & Ncdex commodity market

MCX and Ncdex are the two parts of Commodity market. MCX deals with around 40 commodities which include bullion, precious metals and more , where as Ncdex includes 34 commodities from which 23 are agri commodities and rest are metals and energy.

MCX Tips are:

1. Very first thing you should know about MCX, it is unstable marketplace. Here raw materials are bought and sold, So dont put all your money in oneproduct only.

2. Before entering to this field you should take an expertise guid from any of the advisory firm, so that you will not make loss.

3. Try not to hazard all your cash. Contribute just that measure of cash which won't influence you much in a condition of misfortune.

4. Always trade in constant manner.

NCdex Tips are:

1. Ncdex trading mainly done on agriculture products, so its very important to set long and short term goals to earn maximum profit.

2.It is essential to trade through broker if you are new in the ncdex market. Expertise knowledge can give you additional guidance while commodity trading. Once it is done you can choose your commodity like wheat, soyabean , sugar etc.

3. A standout amongst the most vital tips that you ought to remember while trading in India is diversification. It is imperative that you don't put down all your bets on a solitary commodity or a solitary market.

These are the general tips you should remember while trading in Commodity Market.

How to Make Money through Indian Commodity Trading

First the question arise in every mind of trader what is commodity Market ?? Answer is very simple commodity market is a marketplace where buying and selling is done or trading of raw product is done. Commodity are usally differentiated in two categories : Hard and Soft. The hard one is all about natural resources (gold, silver, rubber, oil etc), whereas soft one is about agriculture products like(corn, wheat, coffee, sugar etc).

Now the next question comes in mind is why to invest in Commodity Market ?? Commodity trading depends on the simple economy of demand and supply. More the demand would be more will be its price and vice versa. Managing in commodities is free from the wrongs of insider trading. Furthermore, there are no organization particular dangers as those found in stock markets. Much like the exchanges in the equity market, Commodity Futures market have Clearing Houses, which guarantee that the terms of the contracts are fulfilled, thereby eliminating the counter party risk.

To make money through Indian commodity Trading follow the below given rules:

1. Try not to trade with aversion, weakly or in carelessness. You may acquire little however rehashed misfortunes on the off chance that you are terrified of the business sectors or heavier ones on the off chance that you are obviously overcome and audacious.

2. Be understanding when your exchange positions are moving in the correct expected direction to get greatest gains and guarantee the increases by improvising the stop-loss level, time and again.

3. Take technical advice from only only one expertise at a time. Don’t take advice from more than one expertise this may lead to confusions and you may go in loss.