Monday, June 1, 2015

How to Make Money through Indian Commodity Trading

First the question arise in every mind of trader what is commodity Market ?? Answer is very simple commodity market is a marketplace where buying and selling is done or trading of raw product is done. Commodity are usally differentiated in two categories : Hard and Soft. The hard one is all about natural resources (gold, silver, rubber, oil etc), whereas soft one is about agriculture products like(corn, wheat, coffee, sugar etc).

Now the next question comes in mind is why to invest in Commodity Market ?? Commodity trading depends on the simple economy of demand and supply. More the demand would be more will be its price and vice versa. Managing in commodities is free from the wrongs of insider trading. Furthermore, there are no organization particular dangers as those found in stock markets. Much like the exchanges in the equity market, Commodity Futures market have Clearing Houses, which guarantee that the terms of the contracts are fulfilled, thereby eliminating the counter party risk.

To make money through Indian commodity Trading follow the below given rules:

1. Try not to trade with aversion, weakly or in carelessness. You may acquire little however rehashed misfortunes on the off chance that you are terrified of the business sectors or heavier ones on the off chance that you are obviously overcome and audacious.

2. Be understanding when your exchange positions are moving in the correct expected direction to get greatest gains and guarantee the increases by improvising the stop-loss level, time and again.

3. Take technical advice from only only one expertise at a time. Don’t take advice from more than one expertise this may lead to confusions and you may go in loss.

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