Saturday, June 6, 2015

NCDEX Soyabean & Chana Tips for Today : 5th June 2015

Technically the pattern in NCDEX soybean for November conveyance looks extent bound.We expect Soybean prices to trade range bound due to sufficient stocks in domestic market. However it is likely to remain in positive zone during intraday trade. Advisable to sell Soya-bean today. Its is trading on Rs. 3981 today with Expiry date on 19/June/2015.
Market Opened  : Rs. 4045
High Price : Rs. 4045
Low Price : Rs. 3695

NCDEX Chana Today trading by Rs. 4605 and it is advised to sell Chana.
Market opened : Rs. 4641
High Price : Rs. 4052
Low Price : Rs. 4604

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