Thursday, January 7, 2016

MCX Gold 7 weeks on the upper level, Crude was down $ 33 | Commodity Best Tips by Experts

Today on Thursday The China Market have been Suspended for the day. China's economy from the deepening slump in crude prices is once again falling. Brent crude in the international market again fell to new lows is 11 years.

On Thursday, the foreign market, Brent crude fell to $33.02 a barrel on the lower level has come. However, the decline in equity markets and rising tensions in Saudi Arabia, Iran is getting support from the gold and silver prices. International market price of gold has on the upper level of 9 weeks.

Gold Investment Demand have been Increased : 

This week, several developments have taken place at international level in the investment demand for gold has risen again. The North Korea to test a hydrogen bomb have claimed that the tensions with South Korea are likely to increase and worsening economic situation in China on the other hand are going.

Also in the Middle East between Iran and Saudi Arabia have also increased tensions. Because of these developments has been an increase in international demand for gold investment.

Commodity Best Tips By Experts : 

SELL LEAD 110.90 TARGET 110.20 STOPLOSS 111.60
Sell Copper February below 308 Target 302 Stoploss 312.1 

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