Monday, January 25, 2016

NCDEX Jeera Prices may get huge fall : 25 jan 2016 | MCX NCDEX Tips Today

Due to much production of NCDEX Jeera in India and Weakness in the prices of Jeera in Global Market, the prices may get fall further.The country's largest producing state of Gujarat Jeera production is projected to grow by 7 percent. 

The Jeera exports are expected to decline this year to 35 percent. Due to this teh Jeera prices may fall further.  

Cumin production may increase 7 percent

Gujarat Agriculture for Rabi Crops of 2015-16 released by the Directorate first advance estimates this year the state will produce 2.11 million tons of Jeera, while in Gujarat in 2014-15 Jeera was produced by 1.97 million tonnes. 

Prices Fall: 
In the past month, the country's largest Jeera Unjha market prices fall by over Rs 100 per 20 kg has been recorded. 25 December Jeera prices in the market at Rs 2,650 per 20 kg to Rs 2,550 per 20 kg has come down. 

 MCX NCDEX Tips Today:

SELL CRUDE - JANUARY (MCX) @ 2205.00, Target: 2170.00, Stop-loss: 2230.00

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