Monday, September 14, 2015

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MCX Gold prices have fallen to the lowest level in this month. But the decline in the dollar index against major currency in the domestic market of gold and silver has strong start today. This MCX Crude prices have continued to fall strongly.

Today in the Commodity Market if we talk about Agri Commodities Market the its seen in the negative zone. Agri commodities despite the weak monsoon fell in most of the commodities.

From 1 June to 13 September , rainfall in the country is compared to 16 percent of normal, which is the driest year since 2009. Yet, most agricultural commodity futures markets are trading in red.

NCDEX Chana Prices are strongly declined 2.69 percent to tarde at Rs 4,370 per quintal.

The castor seed prices fell 0.50 percent to 4140 per quintal. NCDEX Coriander fell 0.67 percent, NCDEX Jeera is down 1.34 percent, NCDEX Turmeric decline more than 1 percent. The oil and oilseeds are at gain.

NCDEX Soyabean is tarding with a gain of 0.25 percent to Rs 3,200 per quintal. Refined oil and mustard is trading with a gain of 0.15 percent.

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