Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Gold Continues to Decline, Copper and Zinc at 6 -year Low Prices | MCX Live Calls Today

Industrial production figures due to be released in the US in the international market, gold has ceased to move. Gold traded below $1085 though silver is strong light. US interest rates likely to rise last week, gold had touched the lowest level in 6 years.

The estimated decrease in demand on the London Metal Exchange, copper had touched at its 6 years new low rates. Like copper, zinc is also at 6 -year low price. Meanwhile, the dollar index has increased.

Commodity best tips

3-6 months do not invest in base metals : 

India is being looked at the lowest of metals. Commodity MCX NCDEX Calls Experts says that next year is likely to put pressure on base metal prices. Therefore, Investors should stay away from investments now in the metals sector.

Agri commodities at Down Trends :

NCDEX turmeric 0.7 per cent fall in agricultural commodities has come down to Rs 9,850. NCDEX soy oil with a marginal gain of 0.2 percent at 606.9 rupees seems. 0.75 per cent on MCX crude palm oil prices have risen to Rs 390 with good support.

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