Tuesday, November 24, 2015

MCX Gold at 6 -year lower rates in Commodity Market | MCX Free Tips

Domestic and global commodity markets fell Monday's round. The heavy decline in global gold and gold has reached the 6-year low. COMEX gold fell 0.58 percent is in. COMEX gold fell 0.58 percent to $1,070 an ounce has come on business. Even with the sharp decline of 0.8 percent on the Comex, silver at $13.98 an ounce, is trading at.

Copper, nickel, zinc, 6 -year lows : 

Crude oil is also on decline. Nymex crude fell by 1.85 per cent to $ 41 per barrel has come up. Fell 0.58 percent to $ 44 a barrel, while Brent crude is approaching. Copper on the London Metal Exchange was trading with a steep fall of 1.77 percent. LME copper, nickel and zinc are at 6 -year low. MCX Gold estimates the effect of rising interest rates in the US. The double pressure on base metals in silver has had. The base metals are broken and fall in demand in China in the dollar came under pressure is firmly repeat the commodity market.

The decline in domestic commodity markets gold and silver :

The fall in global commodity markets is clearly seen on the domestic commodity market. MCX gold is 0.4 per cent and it has come at Rs 25 141. While silver has been 0.71 per cent. Silver fell 0.71 per cent to Rs 33 367.

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