Friday, November 20, 2015

Gold and Silver is Up in Global and domestic markets | MCX Free Tips

After yesterday fall, Today MCX Bullion is trading high.MCX Gold and MCX Silver is at gains today. Comaks in gold is trading above $ 1075. Yesterday , gold fell to $ 1065. Because of the weak dollar weakening Comaks strength in silver has been returned.

Why did gold and silver at boom :

The weak dollar is at bullish trend in global Market. The weak housing data in the US is also support to gold. Although the US Federal Reserve's last meeting it was clear that US interest rates could rise. On the upper level pressure is becoming the gold and currently is trading in a very small range.

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Gold - silver boom in Domestic Market Today :

MCX gold trades in the domestic market with a gain of 0.3 percent per ten grams is at Rs 25,180. While silver, with a gain of 0.5 percent has dropped to trade at Rs 33,715.

Agri commodities lead :

Agri commodities NCDEX Sugar futures on December futures gained 0.25 per cent to Rs 2,675 trades. NCDEX coriander Rs 10,700 with a gain of 0.5 percent has been reached. Turmeric on NCDEX was down 0.5 percent to trade at Rs 9,800. With the weakness of the 0.5 per gram at Rs 5,100.

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