Wednesday, November 25, 2015

MCX Gold at 6 -year low, showed a slight recovery in crude | MCX NCDEX Tips

Gold and silver prices in the international market are not stopping on there fell rates. Comaks Gold prices fell to a new low rates is 6 years. Saudi Arabia issued by the crude price recovery, returned to light after the new statement. Experts say that US interest rates expected to rise in December from a decline in commodity prices in the international market. For these reasons, gold and silver prices in the domestic market is constantly falling. Today, gold is higher by Rs 25 at the MCX. While silver is trading flat.


Crude prices is at quick high : 

The statement came after Saudi Arabia, has seen crude prices sharply, Monday household Crudeoil increased to Rs 150 in the market was lower, while prices in the overseas market continues to be strong and is trading close price Tuesday on Nymex. Saudi Arabia's cabinet said on Monday that his country's crude oil market OPEC and non-OPEC countries to stabilize is willing to work with.

Crude prices came from the Saudi statement as being a change in his stance Earlier Saudi Arabia to raise production to capture market trend in the market was adopted, but the prices long Saudi Arabia has long dominated the decline is forced to change its strategy. Now Saudi Arabia in crude oil market stability is talking. MCX crude oil slipped nearly 1 per cent to Rs 2,800 arrived. MCX Natural Gas 0.6 per cent to Rs 154.7 with weakness has come.

Agri commodities at boom :

Soybean futures on NCDEX Agri commodities with nearly 1 per cent to Rs 3,850 have slipped through. With a loss of 0.25 percent on the NCDEX Jeera is trading at Rs 16 120.

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