Tuesday, May 31, 2016

MCX GOLD and SILVER is Trading Low | Commodity MCX NCDEX Calls today

The drop in the international market and the domestic market, MCX Gold broke down to Rs. 800 and MCX Silver by Rs. 1300 is broken. Gold and silver, the largest weekly decline in 19 months.

It is believed in June that the US central bank is the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates. That is why its pressure on Gold and Silver prices.

MCX Gold Rs.800 and MCX Silver Rs. 1300 down

-Last Week, gold prices in the bullion market slipped a half month low of Rs 800 per ten grams to Rs 28,850 per ten grams, has arrived.

-MCX Gold Of 01 November 2014, is the largest decline since the week ended.

-The Silver prices fell by Rs 1300 to Rs 39,000 per kg fell down.

-This is the third consecutive week of decline for the domestic bullion market.

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