Thursday, May 5, 2016

MCX CrudeOil is 2 Percent Up, MCX Gold beyond $ 1280

MCX Crude prices in the global market is recorded. On the NYMEX WTI crude rose above 44.5 jumped per $2. Brent crude has gained 1.5 percent. With 1.5 percent of Brent crude has risen beyond $45. MCX Crude on the domestic market is at Rs. 2980 with approximately 2.75 percent giant leap has been reached.  

Gold continues to be strong: 
Global markets are seeing strength in gold and silver. Comaks 0.5 percent of gold is trading above $1280. Comaks while silver prices have reached $ 17.4. MCX gold in the domestic market rose by 0.4 percent is trading at Rs 30 110. With 0.5 per cent growth, while silver rose to Rs 41,500.  

Base metals fall: 
MCX Copper fell 0.2 percent and arrived at Rs 325. While nickel weakened by 0.5 percent and arrived to Rs 627. While zinc is about 0.5 percent down. Agri commodities, while looking ahead to the cumin and sugar is too strong. While NCDEX sugar is also strong. While NCDEX sugar futures for July with a gain of 0.75 percent reached at Rs 3,560. 

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