Monday, May 16, 2016

MCX Crude Prices Rose by 1.5 percent, MCX NCDEX Tips Today

MCX Crude prices in the global market has been about 1.5 percent. With 1.5 percent to $48 a barrel, prices have been exceeded. Increased tensions in Nigeria and Venezuela's support to crude prices.

In such an environment can have an effect on the supply of crude. MCX Crude prices on the domestic market jumped 1 percent to Rs 3,130.  

Lethargy in base metals:
Base metals slowdown trend is being witnessed. Copper fell 0.1 percent is trading below Rs 310. Nickel 0.1 percent to Rs 580 has arrived with osteoporosis. Lead and zinc is 0.2 percent. However, with aluminum rose 0.2 percent to Rs 103. Agri commodities, while soybean futures for July 4090 with a gain of 1 percent.  

Gold glitter:

Stand fast in gold prices in the global market in 1280 gold dollar is gone. Simultaneously Silver also gained 1 percent . MCX gold in the domestic market with a gain of 0.25 percent to close at Rs 30,100. However, silver has rallied strongly. MCX Silver is trading at 41,330.00 with 356.00 or +0.87% up.

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