Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Gold, Silver, CrudeOil is @RED | Best Commodity Tips By Expert

Gold and silver prices today on selling pressure is being witnessed. June futures on MCX Gold is seeing a decline of 0.40 percent. Gold fell by Rs 111 to Rs 29,300 per ten gram, while MCX Silver futures also selling pressure continues to dominate. July futures fell by Rs 45 per kg to Rs 39,337 silver remains. 

Latest Update : MCX Gold is trading at 29,020.00 with -280.00 points or -0.96% down, MCX Silver is trading at 39,165.00 with -172.00 points or -0.44% down trend.  

MCX Crude prices on international markets, the effect of lead is being witnessed. MCX June crude futures rose by 0.76 percent to Rs 3,309 per barrel, with trades. Base metals traded mixed while being. Nickel and copper and zinc in the green remains in the red. 

NCDEX refined soya oil fell 2 percent while seeing NCDEX Chana July futures to Rs 6100 and Rs 6200 has moved beyond the August futures.

SELL ZINC MAY BELOW 122.85, STOPLOSS ABOVE 123.30, TARGET 122.55-122.20. 

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