Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jeera production projected to fall, the price can be Rs 170

Lower production estimates of Jeera prices could move higher. According to advance estimates for 2015-16, the government is expected to Jeera produced only 3.72 million tonnes . While nearly 4.86 million tonnes in 2014 -15 cumin was produced . In the wholesale market due to supply of good quality seeds and troubles have increased.  

Production dropped 28 percent in three years: According to the central government in the past three years has dropped by nearly 28 percent in the production of Jeera. April-December 2013-14, about 67,000 tons of cumin was exported, while during the same period in 2014-15 was around 1.25 million tonnes Jeera exports. 

Nearly 46 percent drop in exports of Jeera recorded this year. According to data from the Spices Board of India , around 67,000 tonnes in 2015-16 from April to December, exports of Jeera is found to be around 1.25 lakh tonnes during the same period in 2014-15.

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