Tuesday, April 26, 2016

India's basmati exports increased 20%, At 3 years half price

Basmati exports despite farmers, businesses do not benefit from it. In the international market basmati prices are low due to over supply. Rice Exporters Association data showed that 20 percent of basmati exports is increases in April-December 2015, Despite it 14 percent decline is seen in earnings. 

In terms of the price of basmati trend during the last 3 years have been reduced to half the price. Both farmers and traders are suffering the consequences. 

 Exports increased 20 percent :

President of all India Rice Exporters Association of India MP Jindal said Gulf of basmati prices are boosting the stock. This is due to increased exports. The country is estimated to grow this year in production of basmati. Jindal said basmati prices are determined on the international market. The government and business can not do anything. 

Arab countries are the largest buyers of Indian basmati. India 's total basmati rice exports from April to December 2015 was 30.7 million tonnes, while in the same period last year was 25.7 million tonnes. Export prices being lower than last year not getting the benefit of it. Export earnings of $885 per tonne from April to December 2015, while last year it was 1,312 dollars per tonne. 

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