Thursday, February 18, 2016

Guar at 5 -year low rates | MCX NCDEX Tips By Experts

Declining global crude prices are directly affecting the demand for guar. In July 2014 $ 100 / barrel crude oil prices go beyond $ 30 a barrel in the global market remains down.

Under which 52 percent are exports of guar. Guar prices fall in demand has come down to 5.3-year low NCDEX Guar prices dropped to the level of October 2010. March 2016 contract on NCDEX GuarGum is trading around Rs5680/quintal.

Nov. 10, 2011, while in 2010 the gum March contract closed at 5642 levels. Last Thursday, the February futures on NCDEX guar seed prices slipped down to the level of Rs 2,953, which is nearly 5 -year low prices.

MCX NCCDEX Tips By Experts: 

Buy Zinc-M February in between 114.25-114.30 SL 113.70 TGT 114.95CMP-114.30
BUY CRUDEOIL ABOVE 2143 TGT 1 2154.33 TGT 2 2158.68 TGT 3 2172.68 SL 2136

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