Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Petrol and Diesel Prices may fall by 2 Rupees | MCX Live Calls Today : 15 Dec

A big fall in the price of MCX Crudeoil have been noticed. almost it is 12% of fall in the last week. Due to this a big cuts will be seen in the prices of Petrol and Diesel Prices. Its been told by the Commodity Analyst that the prices may cut upto 2 rupees of petrol and 1 Rupees of Diesel per litre.

As a reminder, 15 days after the official fuel retailers Indian basket of crude oil prices on petrol and diesel prices are set . Oil companies on November 30, petrol and diesel prices have been revised upwards , after which the price of petrol in Delhi , Rs 60.48 and Rs 46.55 per liter of diesel has gone up .

Petrol 2 Rupees and diesel 1 rupees Cheaper :

Energy expert Ram Dixit said in an exclusive interview with oil marketing companies, Petrol and Diesel 60-80 money can be cheaper by one rupee because the Indian basket of crude oil prices to $ 36.65 a barrel, down has been . With crude prices in the international market is falling continuously.
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Crude prices fell 12 percent last week : 

Crude prices in the international market fell 12 percent last week. The Indian basket of crude has dropped by more than 8 percent.

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