Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bullion Tips, LIVE MCX Chart Today | GOLD-SILVER Down

In the International Market the MCX Silver prices which were trading at 4 month high rate is seen to be at down trend. The prices of Both Gold-Silver is seen to be at negative note today.

In terms of domestic market MCX gold is seen below 0.40 percent to trade at Rs 27,150. While silver is looking around for about 45 percent to trade at Rs 37365.

MCX crude oil is trading around 1.80 percent to Rs 3040, Natural gas is seen about 0.30 percent to Rs 160.

MCX LIVE Chart Today: 

          MCX GOLD is trading at 27,257.00 with -104.00 (-0.38%) down.

          MCX SILVER is trading at 37,513.00 with -117.00(-0.31%) down.

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